LEGO NINJAGO Enter the Tournament – Official Video by The Fold03:50

LEGO NINJAGO Enter the Tournament – Official Video by The Fold

Enter the Tournament jest jedną z piosenek zespołu The Fold, stworzoną na potrzeby serialu LEGO Ninjago: Mistrzowie Spinjitzu.


There's something forming in the deep, it's attracting all the ninja A tournament on the surface but beneath there's something more I can't help it there's a feeling coming over me, like this place is bound to get ya Sensei Garmadon has piqued our curiosity and opened up our eyes

Sometimes the pupil tends to see only what's inside the mind

Ninja, ninja, ninja go-o-o Don't let ‘em get ya, ninja go-o-o Don't let ‘em take what makes you whole Round for round the truth unfolds The Tournament of Elements is just a show

As we move along the tension creeps, each scene so unfamiliar We stand strong in alliance no retreat, but something's wrong All of the sudden it's not feeling all that tactical, like the deck is stacked against us Something tells me there's a wolf mixed in amongst the fold leading us likes pawns

The best way to defeat your enemy is to make them into your friend The best way to defeat your enemy Is to enter the tournament

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